Brampton Newfoundlander & Friends Hockey Association

Our draft was held Sunday Sept. 13th. Your teams for the season are now posted.  A tentative schedule has been posted. I'm confident it won't change much. They may adjust times a bit after Christmas but anything can change during this "new normal". Stay tuned!

The Brampton Newfoundlanders & Friends Hockey Association is an oereld timers hockey league operating since 1982. Games are played on Sunday's 11:00 or 12:00 at the Chris Gibson Recreation Center.

Players interested in getting into our league should be on the "Spare List". This gives us an opportunity to evaluate players and keep the league competitive. Most new players are invited into the league as replacements for someone. If you want on the list and born 1974 or before can call Steve @ 647-223-2364 or email steve@newfiehockey.com

Our League Council

Ideas and the game are changing. To spread the responsibilities and the initiative to more than a small group. I have invited several members (listed below) to participate in the review of our rules and policies with myself and the four team Reps. The League Council will bring more transparency and give the general membership more participation and influence into our league decisions. They will have the opportunity to set agenda items and bring new ideas and changes to the table. To have a say in how your league is run. This will be a dynamic council, with members dropping off the list or new ones coming aboard. Anyone can ask an issue be put on the agenda of things to be discussed. Just send me an email. If it is appropriate, I will add it.

Your ideas, opinions and criticisms are welcome but “Problems are easy to find. We are looking for solutions.”

Shawn Finn Rep
Kevin Spragge Rep
Ernie Schaump Rep
Denis Williams Rep
• Gord Campbell
• Jeff Kortekaas
• John MacQueen
• Joe Farrugia
• Randy Brown
• Mike Gillespie
• Steve Healey
• Trevor Sinclair

Stay tuned More news will follow!